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Learning Disabilities - Can Vision Therapy Help


By Vision Loss

Parents soon find that there are a lot of professionals with a lot of opinions regarding diagnosing learning disabilities, dyslexia, brain impairment and a whole multitude of associated conditions. They need to appreciative that when it comes to diagnosing a learning disability, even the doctors agree that they often are not caused by one distinct problem, but by several problems, each overlapping and affecting the next. So if you have a child with a language based learning disability, there is frequently involvement from the auditory and visual systems, so that even in a mainly language based learning disability the other types of learning trouble should not be overlooked.




Vision Problems


By Vision Problems

There are a lot of common vision problems, such as blurriness, halos, blind spot, floaters and so forth. Different problems have different causes. For instance, blurry vision is always caused by the decreased focus ability of the eyes. People with blurry vision can not perceive details on objects. Also called scotomas, blind spots make people unable to see anything through certain areas.




Signs of Autism - Babies


By Signs of Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that begins in the first few years of a child's life which affects their communication, social interactions, and their behavior certain activities. Unfortunately, there is still no known cure for autism. The best thing that parents can do is to recognize as early as possible the signs of autism. Babies suffering from such disorder starts to display behaviors upon reaching the first year. The effects of autism vary in every baby so the signs differ also.